Saturday, October 3, 2015

Let's Discuss Art & Magic WaterBorne © Paints for a Moment! POLL INSIDE

Hi again!  In the interest of continuing improvement, I've been reviewing bits and pieces of feedback about the WaterBorne paints, in addition to having made some observations as I've worked with them myself.  

I would like to hold a poll and get some more concrete ideas as I work to improve this line of paints.  Would you like to help me?  I sure do appreciate it!

Follow this Link to Survey Monkey:

Ok, so it's been a few days and I've gotten a few responses (not enough...please go to the poll above if you have a moment please!)

I was not surprised by the comments.  

For example, I know there have been color-matching issues as there were a few times when I could not purchase the base colors I use to make up the Preblended Doll colors.  I have a formulary and a color card to help me stay consistent, but I also think that the lighting in the doll room makes a big difference, and I've recently moved to a much nicer place with a bright and sunny work space.  

The other thing I've been thinking about is letting the colors stay a bit thicker in the jars.  It's a fine line between concentrated enough to go farther with each purchase, and so thick that it will dry faster between uses.  Which is NOT good!  
One response commented on an odor with some of the colors.'s the reds (Creases and Blush/Lip color).  There is something about the red paint and the additives I use to help it blend easier and stay wetter longer that gave the red colors a sort of skunk-ey smell.  It didn't stay on the doll, but when you open the jar it's noticeable.  I have recently changed the formulation of my red-based colors so that shouldn't happen again - I hope.   

I hope more WaterBorne paint users will take the time to help me out with this ongoing research and development project!!  Thanks to those who have already!

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