Monday, August 3, 2009

Two New Kits this Summer!

It's been a busy year here at HunnyBuns!

Last winter I sculpted my first (and the reborn kit industry's first) set of Quadruplets. I'm very happy to say that the kits, "Micro Preemie Quads Kyrin, Katheran, Kylie and Kirsten" have been well received around the world.

After the Quads came out, I worked on a sculpt by request from "Simply Reborn Kits" Ruth Annette and named this one "Xavier". "Xavier's" features were sculpted to reflect a multi-racial baby and I can't wait to see the interpretations from reborn artists as this doll hits the market this summer.

Then there's "Kendall". Kendall is a small newborn size with legs drawn up making the finished length only 16". "Kendall"s prototype made her eBay debut this past weekend - beautifully done by Selena Saxton of "S'Real Babies Nursery" of Australia.

In addition to working on new kits for the reborn world, I've faced a real health challenge, too. I was diagnosed with cancer in March, and have completed my course of treatment as of mid-June. I never knew there were so many genuinely caring and loving people in the world, but I have been overwhelmed with emails, cards, flowers and good wishes and prayers from literally all around the world. It's humbling. God has proven His love for me through people! It's true, we are His hands and feet in this world. I'm so grateful to each and every person who cared enough to pray for my recovery and to beat this terrifying disease.

Last week, I received some good news. My first post-treatment PET scan came back clear! We are so relieved. I know I have a ways to go - healing is still a process that may take the better part of this year - but I already feel so much better than I did even a month ago.

So, now I'm back working on new sculpts and have plans for a few reborns too, as I get back to doing what I love the most. Thanks for reading :-)